Sunday, January 11, 2009

Inexpensive Premium Bird Food - Purina Flock Raiser

Help for the Bird Sitter

A couple of years ago, I discovered an excellent inexpensive non-medicated crumbled poultry food which my birds really like! Made by Purina Mills, it is designed to provide safe nutrition for a number of different types of birds such as chickens and turkeys. The product utilizes grain and plant protein products and many extra additives such as lysine and methionine so that it is a complete balanced diet. In the Wichita area, it is available at farm supply stores or Purina dealers and sells for between $13 and $16 for a 50 lb bag.

There are several advantage to this product in addition to cost. I like to feed balanced plant proteins rather than animal proteins because plant protein does not cause aggression like animal protein does.

Another plus is when I must rely on a non-bird person to temporarily take care of my birds. If I were to try to explain why the birds in the center isle on the top cage and also cage 40 must be fed differently that cage 11 and 16 and then there is also another food requirement for cages 9 and 32, they would probably throw up their hands and leave! So instead, I just instruct them to give the birds fresh water and refill the Flock Raiser dish and all the birds will be fine! They quickly learn to take good care of the birds and it is nearly the same no matter what time of year. If I have babies, they just do the same thing but offer fresh egg food to those specific cages with chicks. Using Flock Raiser makes it easier to even get my husband to help!!


Unknown said...

How much a the flock raiser do you feed,and how often.

Linda Hogan said...

I feed it free choice, year round. So it is always available, all they will eat, all year long.

Crumbly Moist said...

Hi Linda, very interesting read.

Starter pellets from Purina might be available in Europe, I will certainly have a look.

Do you/have you used these crumbs with weaned chicks as they gat older?
I was wondering would they be a viable alternative to eggfood when the chicks are a longtime weaned.

Do you think the crumbs are capable of maintaining a good growth rate in the babies?

Look forward to your reply.