Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Troubleshooting Breeding Season - Part 3 - Hen Won't Sit

Another complaint is a hen who won't sit on her eggs.


1. She was pushed to lay and not in full breeding condition.  Rich nestling foods and longer hours and wheat products can rush a hen to lay prematurely.

A breeder with this problem said I only give 13 hours of light. Further questioning revealed he was breeding outside. In that case be sure to remember that birds get up 30 minutes before the sunrise and stay up 30 minutes after sunset outside. Fourteen to fourteen and a half is perfect for breeding canaries.

2. When a hen has laid her clutch feed a separate dish of hulled hemp or regular hemp seed but no nestling food till the first chick hatches and no greens. Just water and seed mix and dish of hemp.

3. Occasionally, a hen will not sit if the cock is removed from her cage. In that case, leave him in a few days and then try and move him.

Hulled hemp from Canada is available at health food stores.

First Columbus Fancy Chick hatched today!

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