Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Central California Caged Bird Show and Bird Mart

This weekend, October 27, 2012,  9 am to 4 pm, I will be judging my first show of the season in Modesto California at 819 Sunset Blvd.

Show Divisions and judges include American Singer Canaries - Ella Galik, Finches and Softbills - Sally Huntington, Type I Canaries - Linda Hogan, Type II Canaries - Robert Wild, Colorbred Canaries - Dan Griffith, English Budgies - Donald Denny and Kitchen Canaries - Linda Hogan.

Check it out at or contact Ted Brandvold 209 988 9109

Hope to See You This Weekend!


Brian Byrne said...

What are the standards for kitchen canaries?

Linda Hogan said...

There are no official standards for kitchen canaries. The idea is to allow pet canaries that are not an established bred to be shown. When I judge them, I look for condition and responsiveness.