Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cleaning Tip: Getting Rid of Unsightly Mold

Have you ever seen a dark edge on a water container? At first it seems so minor it is barely noticeable, most often seen following antibiotic therapy in the water or extended use of KD in the water. Without care, it expands to the lip of the drinker.

A particularly effective way to get rid of this mold is to wash and brush the container with Vanodine. I either pour a small amount in the drinker or in less severe cases I make a solution and brush with that.

I also like to put vanodine in the aviary sink occasionally to help clean out the drain.


Anonymous said...

Why not bleach? isn't it cheaper to buy,I disinfect all my cups every weekend..

Linda Hogan said...

Like you, I use what I have and I happen to have vanodine and not bleach on hand. I prefer vanodine as it does not smell like bleach but I am sure it also does the trick.

Anonymous said...

For several years now I use a product for cleaning my dishes of hard water residue. Lemi-shine crystals keep my dishes and dishwasher looking new. I now use it to soak my bird dishes as well with a little auto-dishwasing powder as well. The Lemi-shine will also make plastic shine and residue free and I've experimented soaking the metal clips that hold glass tubes. It is not harsh chemicals.
It is similar to adding white vinegar to your rinse solution, only concentrated. I soak first with bleach and detergent, the 2 nd soak with lemi-shine. No scrubbing needed. A bird-keeper's ideal washing solution. The soak lets you get to other chores. I'm not a good house-keeper!