Monday, July 16, 2012

Totally Handfed Baby Border

This young Border was hatched June 10th and ever since birth, I have been handfeeding it! Never did I ever see the mother feed or find evidence in the crop that the mother had fed him even one bite! She was a good sitter and kept him warm but sit...sit...sit was all she would do. I put KD Powder in her water and still she just sat and sat!

So I started handfeeding it when it was just a few hours old. I decided to totally use CeDe Handrearing Food. I am thrilled with this product as he developed beautifully and has good body mass. At first I fed him every two hours from sunup to lights out.  Typical of hand fed chicks, they do not wean till much later than normal. After six weeks "Big Baby" still like an early morning, noon and evening meal! (CeDe Handrearing Food was purchased from Higgins.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
I have suffered black spot in my birdroom this year noticed it on a few dead chicks in the nest and have lost some young birds around 7 weeks old what advice can you offer to irradicate this from my room ?