Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Attention Southern Hemisphere Breeders - Wheat Germ Oil Coated Seeds

With Breeding Season Approaching It Is Time to Wheat Germ Oil Coat Your Regular Canary Seed Mix. 

 For 50lb batch: In a large pail put 5 lbs of your regular canary seed mix. Add 1 cup wheat germ oil (use the wheat germ oil blend that is fortified with vitamins A, D, and E) and mix. Let stand a couple of days and mix each day to maximize the absorption of the oil. Then Mix these seeds with the remainder seeds (45 lbs).

Start feeding coated seed to cocks now and hens about three weeks later. Then feed coated seed instead of your regular basic canary mix until the end of breeding season.

Project participants: Do you have a problem with egg shell thickness? Do you have a calcium supplement containing not only calcium but D3 and magnesium? Is it soluble in water? Can you get the following: Omi-vet vitamins, KD powder, CeDe Handrearing food, ABBA fertility E? Please send answers and your mailing address to

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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda What percentage of the different seeds would you reccommend for the breeding season.When does one move the lights to 14.5hours