Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meet Paddy Hogan

Meet Paddy Hogan. Paddy was hatched June 10th and fostered to a nest which already had three much larger chicks and because I was already handfeeding Big Baby Border, I would catch and feed this disadvantaged Stafford chick.

I would remove the nest and feed Paddy and occasionally give the others a bite too. One day, when I was called in at 10 am to work a 12 hour shift at the hospital, when I fed him he jumped out of the nest and fell to the floor and quickly darted under my heavy English style cages on the North wall. I tried to get him out but even laying on the floor he escaped me! I had no time, the hospital called me in because they were short staffed and I really could not wait to catch him...what if a trauma would come in to the hospital and I am laying on the floor trying to catch a bird???

My husband, who is not a bird fan, was helping me feed Big Border and the small Stafford chick and he was not happy when I told him that I also needed him to get down on the floor and look all over for the lost chick.  Around six pm he called me and proudly reported he had caught the lost chick and when he caught him he was across the room under the South West English cages! I was really happy and in my husband's honor, he was named "Paddy Hogan".

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