Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hot Hot Hot But Still Hatching

107 degrees outside and still one more German Roller chick hatched July 22nd!! This definitely is the last one for the season!!

Hatched July 8th! This special pair, failed to produce any chicks all season until given Orlux Fertility vitamin daily in their water.

The larger of the two German Roller chicks above turned out to be a good looker with the special mark on the side of its head.


Anonymous said...


I am glad to see I am not the only one with babies, I also have two babies that hatched out on July 12th, all is going well, I also use KD cleaner and highly recommended it to all serious breeders..Thanks for all you do..

Anonymous said...

My last two should be out of the nest this week. Very unusual/late season this year.
The mark from the eye to the back of the skull is supposed to be a sign of great song in waterslagers. Does the same "tale" exist with rollers?

Anonymous said...

Linda, I use KD, and see results similar to yours. Does the literature "imply" that you don't need to wash the drinkers if you use the product? I still run mine through the dishwasher once a week?

That eye to back of skull is believed to mean good song in waterslagers, also. Makes you wonder where these legends began?