Thursday, June 30, 2011

Current Pictures Late Chicks

Colorbred Chick #1, yet to be identified! Clues Notices the white outlining the feathers and although it is red ground color it is not color fed until the baby molt.

Congratulations Ralph who was the first person to correctly identified the Stafford (Chicks number 2 and 3) as Crested chicks!! Way to go Ralph, he correctly identified them from the earlier picture post!!!


Armindo Tavares said...

Nice dog.
Armindo Tavares.

Gates said...

Is chick #1 a Yellow Agate Topaz ?


Anonymous said...

Had a younster hatch yesterday out of best male and hen. Still in 70's here, so I can hope. VERY late season in the rainy and cool NW.

Linda Hogan said...

Gates you are getting close!! It is a Topaz.