Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Graduate - Feeding Station

Border Graduate Senior Picture

From feeding sitting in a nest at the feeding station, chicks graduate to my hand.

At this stage the chicks prefer to nibble rather than open wide for a scoop of food. I use one or two toothpicks to encourages their natural nibbling tendency at this phase. (All of the shots are challenging as I am actor and photographer, if I was not taking the picture, I would be feeding with my right hand.)

After eating, the amount varying as he eats some on his own, I keep him on my chest or shoulder and at this point I open the cage door as when he has been sufficiently coddled, he will fly and I want that to be back in the cage.

When first training this step, I get him on my thumb and he will naturally go for the first available perch provided which in this case is his cage door. After just a few times, he will fly from my shoulder back to his cage. Supplemental feeding at this stage is very helpful to put weight on chicks.

This morning Lucca is watching as I write this post..

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