Friday, June 10, 2011

Learning To Eat Seed

Not camera shy, this German Roller is first to eat sprouted seed! Sprouted seed is an excellent way to introduce seeds.

This shot shows a deep chest and gives me great hope that he will be an excellent singer!

In just a few bites, other rollers join in the feast.

During the weaning phase, my sprouting mix has a high percentage of millet. Millet being a high carbohydrate seed helps to balance the protein in the diet.


Anonymous said...

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
Canary Seed
Rape Seed
White Millet
Yellow Millet
Safflower Seeds
Hulled Oats
Am I right Linda?

Linda Hogan said...

The mix has wheat but no hulled oats. The rest is correct.

When it is time for the baby molt, I will increase rape on yellow colored birds as it is a very good coloring agent.

Anonymous said...

I was quite surprised today to find one of my 27-day-old chicks feeding happily away on a millet spray (unsprouted). I'm a novice breeder so am still feeling out what's normal and what's not. Is millet a relatively soft-shelled seed or do I have an extremely precocious chick?

Anonymous said...

Linda, how do you treat "slip claw" on a weaning youngster?