Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hats Off To The Ladies - Feeding Co-op!!

These are Mario's five chicks hatched June 21st. Unfortunately, with hot weather and temperatures soaring outside over a hundred degrees, Sunday evening my aviary heat pump/AC decided that after 14 years it just could not do it anymore. Thanks to prompt services, I got a new digital one installed Tuesday morning. That sudden burst of heat caused any sitting hens to loose interest in breeding and setting, so the ladies have had it for this year too!!

The hen that hatched Mario's five chicks, has continued to feed through the crises. This is a very unusual nest in many ways: Mario fertilizing the eggs, Five out of five hatching so late in the season, the second hen accepting two of the chicks as her own even though she did not hatch any, and now the third hen with the heat has deserted her eggs and to my delight has started helping feed both nests!

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Gates said...

best of luck with these chicks! hope they're gonna be as good as the father. Let us know !