Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big Bird Is A Too Busy _ But Will Try To Post More

Remember how sad Big Bird was last summer when our 14 year old Belgian Malinois Tosca developed a fatal hemorrhaging malignant tumor, Meet Lucca, Tosca's Great Nephew!!!! See liter at Sue Haase web site. Lucca is Mr. Blue and is he ever a busy boy!! Lucca was born March 5th in Lake Tahoe area. I flew to Denver and picked him up on May 10th. (Sue had traveled by car to Denver for a dog show.)

I was so embarrassed when he took one look at me and growled and kept it up for an hour. Finally Sue put him in the Sherpa bag and I walked to security. I really thought if I took him out of the bag he would bite me... But when I took him out to walk through the metal detector he nuzzled up to my double chin and it was true love, just not at first sight! He bonded with me just like that and he wants my constant attention!

Naughty boy gets in the garden!!

Playing with Bella, our other Belgian Malinois.

Loves water!!


PattiM said...

Oh my gosh- he is beautiful!! No wonder you haven't posted. Congrats to you, and good luck Linda, I dont know if I could survive another puppy:-) Sadie, my Rottie pup is now 16 months.

Fergie said...

Was starting to get worried about you. Happy to hear that you have Lucca in your life. He got a wonderful family, and you got a terrific, handsome companion. Good luck !!!

Strell said...

What a stunning dog. Wondered why you hadn't posted. With an allergic hubby, I am envious of all dog owners. Thus canaries and parrots.
Lots of luck with him!!!!

Ralph said...

Great talking with you the other day. Once again, congratulations with Lucca, the newest addition to the Hogan Family...I know he's going to give you a lot of fun and happiness. Beautiful coat on Lucca...and the photo of your two dogs together put a smile on my face. Best-of-Luck with Lucca

Anonymous said...

Are Malinois ears naturally erect, without taping?
Missed you :)

Linda Hogan said...

Malinois ears are naturally erect when just a few weeks old, no taping is done.

Check out Lucca (Mr. Blue) newborn shots on Sue Haese web site. It is under Liter Plans. You can also see the sibblings and mother and father pictures.

Evon in WI said...

Congrats to you, and Good Luck.
It is amazing that many bird families also have dogs as family members.
Our "new" Puppy is now 2 years old.
Loves to garden..really good at the digging part.
How quickly puppy days pass... we are all having TOOOO much fun. Birds and Dogs... Life is Good!