Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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Almin (pictured left) and Paul Scandlyn (pictured right) from
the Northwest Roller Canary Club drove down to the song contest
held in Alameda, California from December 9th to 11th, 2010 and
took four teams. A total of 17 teams were entered and judged by
Fred Proebstel of Dixon, Montana. Their results:
Derby Team (Highest Scoring Young Team, Bred, Raised, Trained by Exhibitor - Entry 37,38,39,40, Points 178
Tour Special - Hollow Roll - Entry 36 Points 15
Class 4 - Sing Young Team - Champion Breeder - Entry 37,38,39,40 Points 178

Sweepstakes: (Highest Scorning Young Bird) - Entry 48, Points 48
Tour Special - Flute - Entry 48 Points 7
Class 3 - Single Young Bird - Champion Breeder - Entry 48, Points 48 - This moves me up to the Master Breeder Class (FINALY!)

The entire show catalog will be available on the web site of the Western Roller Canary Association within the next few days.

Paul shares this interesting story:

"One thing that is very interesting is the fact that my first
win was in 1967 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood,
California. Chalice Odel Thomason was the Judge. When he
announced the winner of the Novice class he said, "There must
have been a scandal in this show; somebody named Scandlyn won
the best bird and best team in the novice class.

Now 43 years
later I finally got my third winner in the Champion
class which
moves me to the Master Breeder class. I was quite
excited when
that happened.

It was a great contest and both Almin and I had a great time even
though we drove a total of 2228 miles there and back.

Those German birds are the way to go."

Congratulations Guys!! Paul, your persistence is an inspiration
to us all!!

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