Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Carolers In My Kitchen

While my husband is cooking and watching TV, I moved a couple of stacks of three German Rollers from the noisy aviary to the kitchen. All are from my pure German DKB stock and they are sounding terrific!

The middle guy in this team is becoming a favorite!

Another stack of three is on the counter!

Pat is cooking a pot of black bean soup. Hope no one finds any rape seed in their bowl!

Bella knows really good rollers, the sound is so mellow and relaxing it puts you to sleep!

Amazingly, my family even though they are not fond of my birds, are enjoying the brief encounter with the serenading birds! Too soon it was time for me to go to work and move the rollers back to the aviary.

Note: hot non-stick cookware can give off toxic fumes, especially at high temperature, that can kill birds.

Bob Buckles sent me this link for the Great Chinese State Circus performing the New Swan Lake. Fantastic! Thanks Bob!!

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Love the photos !