Sunday, December 5, 2010

Columbus Fancy - American Type Canary

Photo by Tom Hixson

Best Columbus Fancy, and Best Smooth Head exhibited by Tom Hixson bred by Rey Mena

Photo by Tom Hixson

Second Best Columbus Fancy, Best Crested exhibited by Bill Zinke

Exhibited by Bill Zinke

Tom Hixson and Bill Zinke had quite a day!!! Photo by Tom Hixson.

It was indeed a pleasure to judge the nearly 50 Columbus Fancy at the all Columbus National Show!! This beautiful breed has caught my fancy and won a solid spot in my heart!! I am actively working on getting some breeding stock for my aviary!!

Learn about the history of this exciting American breed and more details on the standard and see more gorgeous birds at The standard pictures shown above are taken from that web site.

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Brian Rowe said...

I can see why you like the Columbus fancy breed. It is a shame it is not known overseas. I have read that they have a beautiful song as well.