Monday, September 20, 2010

What Time Is Dinner?

This cute Border just landed on the clothes pin perch and is checking out my husband Pat's grilling!

Notice that the aviary is dimly lighted. This is important to reset the birds light sensitivity so that light will stimulate breeding condition when Spring comes.

Occasionally, as part of their show training, I place the show cage under bright light. I want the birds to associate performance or for song birds singing when they are suddenly exposed to bright light.

Critical Concept: Do not feed your birds in bright light. This prevents them from expecting to eat fresh food when bright lights are on. If you feed in bright light, you are unknowing teaching them to eat in bright light. Unfortunately, many show birds think that being put in bright light on the show bench is the signal that its dinner time!

Sometimes I get e-mail complaining that someones bird does not sing, all it is does is eat. Never feed the bird until after it has sang its heart out. Birds either sing or eat! Why sing when you can eat?


Evon In WI said...


Could you please clarify;

since birds seem to eat all day are you suggesting dimmer lights throughout the day?

Looking forward to visiting with you at the Greater Chicago Show.

Linda Hogan said...

I keep all of my birds in dim light. They are only in bright light when I am practicing with them on a show bench or in a stack for singing.

The idea is that they will associate eating with dim lighting and performing or singing with bright light.