Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bringing Out Border Confirmation

After working with Borders a number of years now, I have learned that this breed, whether due to poor adsorption or genetic expectation, requires more vitamins than most breeders would suspect. When they get adequate nutrients their heads, back and underline all improve. That can be the difference in getting Best Border and getting Best in Show!

The most amazing result are seen when Borders are fed the special wheat germ oil and vitamin coated seed sold only by Birds of Paradise from Wall Seed Company! This mix prepared by store owner Nancy Prestor is masterly coated so that it is not too much and not too little and will enhance Border Confirmation in just a few days! Call her at 316 263-0850 or 800 8782473. If you have Borders this is a must!!

In addition, my Borders get the poultry vitamins in the water, molting formula egg food daily containing petamine and scenic hand feeding vegetable protein based formula, crushed microwaved egg shells, oatmeal, peas and corn or broccoli, sprouted sunflower and wheat, ABBA green 92, and soft white bread.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful young Borders. Has Scotty had luck with the hen you sent to him last fall?

I really thank you for the tip on the poultry vitamins, I am convinced on the advantages of their use.


Anonymous said...

Is the seed mix *only* for borders? Would it also help American Singers and or color bred birds? (that might be a dumb question - but had to ask!)

Linda Hogan said...

The seed mix is excellent for all canaries. I have seen common canaries in a pet shop who were in perfect condition feed only the Bird of Paradise wheat germ oil and vitamin coated seed and plain water.

Feed this seed mix all canaries typically tightened up and have a healthy look to them till the feathers look painted on more like a finch.

The effect is so dramatic on the Borders as it is difficult to get enough vitamin/minerals in them. Border Confirmation improves so much as the frontal head rounds, head rounds, back skull fills out and the definition of neck is more distinct and the back raised while the underline is sharp and defined.

Evon in WI said...

Loving the Butterfly and Flower pics. I say they are TOP Bench as well as your borders.
Any chance a Border trio could make it to Chicago October 29?

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
I have been wanting this bird from the pet store, he is so different from the canaries I have, he is huge...thanx to your blog I have determined he is a border canary. I can't stop thinking about him he is so cute, I guess I am holding back because of his price and the last bird I bought from that store had a very bad case of airsac mites Thanx to Deb as it was her comment on this blog that tipped me off to what was going on with my new color fed canary, I got a product called S76 from and got my new colorfed problems under control. now I had better find that poultry vitamin, and some of the coated seeds that you speak of so I can start my adventures with a border canary, think I will wait to buy my new canary till I do a second round of the S76, he will no doubt need to be treated.
I am so grateful for this blog...also have your book, both sorces of information have helped me so much, I am so addicted to these little birds :)
Thanx Linda, I also have a new tale that goes with Frisky, (my nare problem boy) but will blog about that next time

Thanx again to Deb and her comment on my new colorfed canary, and thanx to all the bloggers as I learn alot from all of you, your questions and comments,


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

I like the saddlemarked Buff cock in your second picture, perching on the seed tray with the Buff TPD hen.

Do you find your Buffs moult again on their upper backs, this seems to happen with ALL buff Borders worth their salt and with ALL fanciers, why do you suppose it happens?

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Great site. Do you have any advice on stopping soft moult in Borders.
Im in England and my best var yellow hen has started dropping feathers again after finishing her moult. I may have caused it by showing her too early at a young stock show-she came first.
Also is there any way of getting the coated seed in England as I cant find a website for wall seed company.I think your articles on Border confirmation are excellent.
Thanks,Regards Laurie.

Linda Hogan said...

Moved your question on soft molt to Oct. 10. Great question!!