Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unplanned Outlier

This German roller hen is out of step with my plan!! Her abdomen in bare and you can see prominent blood vessels darting across the yellow fat area. Her abdomen feels hot and the area around the vent is very red. This gal is ready and could care less about my plan to pair in three weeks!!

This is the DKB 3506 male which I will breed to her. His vent is pronounced and engorged, would like a little more redness, but it is at least a reasonable option. Since he needs to catch up quick, I placed them in an open wired breeding cage that is directly below one of the skylights. I would like them to mate five days before she lays. After a couple of days, the lengthen 14.5 hour days, will bring him on strong!

I normally put the nest in the cage at pairing but this time I am going to watch and see if their behavior indicates that I need to give the hen the final checkered flag (nest) to go for it!

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