Sunday, March 7, 2010

Questions and Tips for Big Bird!

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Shawn share his recipe and experience feeding whole wheat grain.



Shawn ask about the proportions of seeds in the Bird of Paradise mix.


Anonymous said...

Update on soaked wheat...

Well I finally tried it out. I got about 200gr yesterday, and measured out only about half a cup. I boiled the water and poured it on and left it to cool. Then I repeated the same process another two times and left it over night in the last change of water. This morning, it was completely soft and swollen from the water consumption. Taking some between my fingers I felt the texture which was almost gooey and somewhat sticky - I thought these birds will not eat this stuff, maybe I should not have changed the boiling water so many times... Anyway, I left for work and asked our helper to add half a carrot and some left over rice and them mix it all together. (My helper feeds extras for me at about 11am - by which time I am slogging hard!) She says "Shawn they did not even wait for me to finish feeding all the cages and the first dishes were bare! Sure enough when I got home this evening all the dishes are swiped! I guess this is just another favourite thing to feed them! I should think they will love feeding babies on wheat as well - maybe you could give it a shot after the first 5 days of quartered egg? Let me know how it goes.

From and autumny SA,

Anonymous said...

Hey Gorgeous,

Please could you give me the recipe for the BOP mixture? I think it will cost me a second job to import for my needs...
I currently feed the Versele Laga mixture which includes VAM pellets.
This is the ingredient list:
Canary seed 58 %
Rapeseed 10 %
Niger seed 6 %
Peeled oats 5 %
Linseed 5 %
Wild seeds 2 %
Perilla seed 2 %
Hempseed 2 %
VAM pellets 8 %
Oyster shells 2 %

Check out their site