Friday, March 12, 2010

Take A Second Look

My Favorite Stafford Mosaic Male, even won second in HIS class at the National Cage Bird Show. Yesterday, I decided it was time to check his vent development as there were several hens getting close to pairing with him.

Bottoms Up. Oops, how surprised I was to see that he is a SHE!! The Mask Really Fooled ME!! LOL

She is considering this potential suitor but she really had her heart on the non-crested cock she was caged with when the wrong sex discovery was made.

Hopefully, she will move on and accept this crested mosaic cock for the sake of her babies!

Remember a week ago, this DKB German roller cock 3506 was coming along but not quite ready for breeding.

Take a second look a week later, the vent sides are filling out more and more redness is apparant. Still needs to lose all yellowness but he is usable now. Click on each of his photos and compare the development!

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