Thursday, July 9, 2009

Share Your Experience - Debbie Eaton

Take Nothing For Granted in the Bird Room

Deb writes, "Today (Tuesday) I had a great quality hen that I noticed was sitting yesterday (Monday) and Sunday afternoon, in the very same spot at the back of the cage on the floor. I thought she was going through the motions of wanting to nest again with no nest in the cage, that was her spot. Yesterday, I put a cup of food close to her hoping to draw her out, but today she did not look good.

HER TOE was caught between the back wall of the cage and the tray (it's an ABBA Breeder). I would never have dreamed that was the problem. I picked her up and the toe was bad, and she was so dehydrated. Gave her a quick drink and then set her up on the floor in a clean spot with glucose water and food then added a perch with more water. I felt so bad....

This time of year, with the onset of molt and end of breeding, you have to pay attention to what they are doing. I was in a hurry yesterday to go to an appointment and took it for granted her reason for just sitting there."

Thanks so much Deb for sharing this frightening experience with us. It is a great piece of advice!

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