Monday, February 16, 2009

Do You Have Poop On Your Mind?

Poop On - Try Poop-Off

As I get ready for breeding, I take some time to clean my cages as once I pair the birds, I will only replace dirty nests and not clean any cages or even change the Kay-cob I use on the floor. (Kay-cob must be kept dry, as it can mold, so outside waters and bathes must be used.)

Cleaning activity and all activity in the aviary must be kept to a minimum so as to not disturb the birds. I go in the aviary first thing when the light comes on for a quick feeding of those birds with chicks, and then return a few hours later to feed them again and at this second entry, I feed and water all the birds. I give a third chick feeding later in the day.

Where does all the poop come from? And even more curious, how does it even get on the cage ceiling??

Poop-off really help me clean the cages and wires. It is non-toxic and contains enzymes that dissolves bird dropping. I simply clean the debris from the cage and spray on Poop-Off. Wait a few minutes and wipe with a paper towel. Difficult spots may require another treatment and some scrubbing with a plastic scrubber (Debbie brand works great). I especially like to use the scrubber on the Poop-Off bottle for poop on cage wire. Poop-Off brand bird poop remover is manufactured by Lifes - Great Products Las Vegas, NV,


Shawn said...

Howzit Linda,

Enjoy! I am doing the same thing now, but its not poop rather feathers! It does not matter how you sweep it just moves from one end to the other of the room. Do you know if they make feather dissolver or maybe I should find someone to make a canarydown for me! Lol.


Linda Hogan said...

Howzit Good Buddy?

Shawn is writing from South Africa. I don't know which is worse Summer Snow sweeping or cleaning cages but I think I would rather sweep than scrub.


Anonymous said...

I have Poop Off but find Oxyfresh Gel works better. I put one tablespoon into a quart sprayer filled with hot water. Spray and wait 5 minutes. I scrub/rinse with a scotch brite pad. I find it emulsify/penetrates poop faster, and is aviary safe.