Friday, February 20, 2009

Blue Feather Special Contest

Contest Qualifying Rounds

First Phase: Round one is to correctly explain the odd blue color on this mosaic Stafford hen and post your answer to blog comments. The first person to qualify in round one will have their comments posted tomorrow!

Second Phase: Round two, everyone who correctly qualifies in the first contest phase will make up the audience who are eligible to compete in phase two! Details for participation in round two will be posted tomorrow.

Failure to participate in round one, is an automatic disqualification from round two participation.

Winning this contest would be a Real Feather in Your Cap!!!


Linda Hogan said...

About 100 people check this blog everyday, I expect 101, to participate in this contest. Please join in and enjoy the fun!!


Linda Hogan said...

Blues Clues: Start at the very beginning, a very good place to start!


Linda Hogan said...

Blues Clues #2: Remember that when you hear hoof beats think of horses and not zebras!

You may submit more than one answer so go ahead, try again.


Linda Hogan said...

Blues Clues #3: The blue color first appeared on Thursday this week.

It is 7 pm central time

No winners yet, so everyone try again!


Linda Hogan said...

Where are all of you? Please post your responses. Still no winner! Thanks to those who sent in responses, in phase one I will accepts multiple entries from the same contestant, so please try again!!
Phase one, the qualifying round, will continue till at least 25, hopefully more, of you get the right answer. If it takes another day great, but if it takes a year, I will wait, no more posts till then...And you know I can wait!
Phase two concerns the appropriate action the breeder should take in this situation. The blue feather hen could have been of any variety, she just happened to be a Stafford. Multiple choice answers will be provided in phase two.

Linda Hogan said...

Blues Clues #4: With so many birds and so much noise, Oops, I thought you said 3 days not 3 weeks till.....I misunderstood you said the blue hen!

Linda Hogan said...

Congratulation to Evon of WI who was the first person to answer phase one correctly!!

Presently, four people have qualified for phase 2. Just 21 more and we can move on to phase 2. Thanks to those who are trying and especially would like to encourage cottage blue aviary and Casa Canary to try again.


Linda Hogan said...

Blues Clues #5: Let's look again at the previous blues clues.

The first blues clues encourages you to look at the very beginning, could that be referring to the beginning post on this blog?

Blues Clues #2 is encouraging you to consider the common reason first!

Blues Clues #3 lets us know that the blue color is something new on the feathers.

Blues Clues #4 tells it has something to do with the bird thinking they needed to get ready for breeding season soon.

Now Go For It Again!!

Linda Hogan said...

Way to go cottage blue aviary!! Casa Canary please try again...

We have 7 qualified for phase 2 only 18 more to go...

Take a look at the top picture and see if you know what happened to this hen...

Linda Hogan said...

Blues Clues #6: It is not blueberries, although I eat 6 ounces of blueberries a day, I have yet to share any with the birds!


Sorry you couldn't open the picture on the first blog, but it is a picture of a blue mineral grit with egg shell on top. Do you suppose?

I would like to get on with this before you and I lose please send you correct answer in so I can get a pool of at least 25 for Ask the Audience,phase 2 of the contest. For the next phase of the contest. Now that you are sure of the answer, Call you bird friends and tell them! Maybe they could help us out!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

I am a complete novice with 2 pairs of waterslagers I'm breeding for the first time this year and your book and blog have been invaluable to me! Thank you so much. I'm not sure if you ever got the 25 correct answers that you were waiting for but in any case I'm going to venture a guess that the blue feathers are caused by starting to fed abba mineral grit mixture.