Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Love Those Sprouts

Every few days, I sprout some seeds. My brother Larry grew this lovely wheat and to that I add organic mung bean and green lentils with a few black oil sunflower seeds.

I cover the seeds in a large jar with water and soak them overnight and then put in an open wire basket for sprouting. I rinse a couple times a day and mix.

When feeding, I sprinkle with Avi-Culture 2, an avian specific lactobacillus probiotic, (Nationalbird The probiotic help the bird absorb nutrients, essential amino acids, antioxidants and proteins so that they develop their full genetic potential and live a long, healthy and productive life with a strong immune system. What a benefit it is to combine essential enzymes from the sprouts with the right probiotic.

Warning: Do not use any probiotic containing Enterococcus faecalis!! According to Clinical Avian Medicine, " Enterococcus faecalis is associated with chronic tracheitis, pneumonia and air sacculitis. Affected birds have increased respiratory sounds, voice changes and dyspnea (difficult breathing). Form canaries are especially sensitive. Treatment with antibiotics will improve the clinical signs, but individual birds can seldom be completely healed. Concurrent infections with Sternostoma tracheacolum (tracheal mites) can occur".

Birds love sprouts and they are so good for them!

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