Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Irish Fancy Temperament Whoooooo Test

Before Test
Today, I gave my Irish Fancy a  "whoooo"test. Imitating an owl, I stand close to the cage and start the owl sound and watch for those who raise the feathers on the top of their head and stand upright when challenged by the sound.

Same Bird During Test
Upon hearing the sound, note how he stands and raises his feathers improving his confirmation because he is curious and not frighten by the sound.  This is a bird to be worked with as it already hints of an "attitude" and real show potential. Those who act frighten by my test will likely let me down should I show them.

I ran the test on groups of 5 in medium size flight cages and 1 or 2 of each group of 5 passed my temperament test! These will be the ones I concentrate on to train for the upcoming shows!!!

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