Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sandy - Rapid Responder - Dehydration

My daughter Sandy helps me water and feed each morning. It is a time consuming task as my birds are too numerous to count and I would guess about 300 canaries. She is excellent help with about 20 years experience with her chickens. She know to watch for signs of trouble in every cage. This morning she noticed a Stafford that was on the bottom of the cage and not perching. Wisely, she caught it and handed it to me to remove all the excrement that was plugging its vent. Then she springs into action to try and immediately reverse the dehydration which is evident by the birds squinting eyes.

The thirsty bird will quickly learn to drink from her hand!

She returned the dehydrated bird to its cage but repeated the treatment again before heading to the YMCA and then back to the aviary for another treatment this morning and then several more this afternoon. I noticed the bird eating the sunflower chips she placed in a separate dish after her second treatment. She mentioned she was bringing it some soft white bread and of course she has a shallow water dish on the floor with foods.


Anonymous said...


What is in the water bottles?


Anonymous said...

How nice to have someone to share your hobby.

Linda Hogan said...

The ones in the picture are orlux this time of year 1 tsp to gallon water. Friday till Monday it is KD powder, once a month 2 days of S76 and once a week Optimix Biodecken minerals, other days often Boost 250 but I am running out 8 drops per gallon. Once every two weeks poultry 1/4 tsp to gallon, biodecken multi plus immune support.

Brian Rowe said...

I believe that the most common of death among pet canaries is dehydration. Canary owners must check each bird cage's water daily to make certain we do not cause unnecessary suffering or loss of stock.