Thursday, November 12, 2015

Meet Me At the Show

December Shows 

2014 National Best Bird In Show - Gloster Corona - Exhibited by Jan Davie Wow!

Best Type - Gorgeous Irish Fancy Exhibited by Brian Bryne at Florida Canary Fanciers 2014 Show Judged by Linda Hogan

Florida Canary Fanciers 2015 Show

FCF Annual show

 The 19th Annual, 2015 Florida Canary Fanciers Show will be

December, 12th, 2015 (11th – Load in for all from 4-6pm, Dinner at 7pm, opening ceremony at 8pm.  All groups continue check in on Saturday the 12th, judging to begin at 8am until complete.

It will again be at the

Ramada Gateway Hotel, 7470 Highway 192 W., Kissimmee, Florida 34747


Armando Lee Type

Irish Fancy Section - US National Irish Fancy Show - Linda Hogan

Colorbred - Robert Trincado

Rollers - Steve Billmire

Timbrados - USTF - Sabastian Vallelunga


Brian Rowe said...

I'm sorry I missed you at the Cleburne, Texas show. Good luck in California. You have help there with two other judges.

I would like to know what kind of seed you purchase and from where again, if you please. It is not possible to get good canary seed at Petsco or Petsmart or any other pet store anymore. They are all just selling various so-caooed Canary/Finch mixes that contains quite a bit of white and yellow millet in addition to canary and rape seed. Most canaries would rather starve to death than eat white or yellow millet. You just cannot buy a canary mix with 60-70% canary seed and 30-40% rapeseed anymore. There was a time I ordered canary grass seed and rape seed mix separately and mixed it myself, but that is not very convenient.

Linda Hogan said...

I feed L'Avian which is predominantly canary seed. I supplement with sunflower chips and for rollers canola rape during the fall. I get it from a feed store.