Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weaned Borders Especially Love Big Bird's Home Cooking - One Dish At A Time

Seems like three times a day my young weaned Borders clean up my quinoa, cous cous and perle morbide dish, while the Columbus Fancy eat two dishes a day and the colorbred, stafford, and rollers eat one dish a day.

Big Bird's Weaned Border Favorite:

6 cups cous cous in large bowl, add olive oil and barely cover with cold tap water. Stir continuously till it is light and fluffy.  (Lately, the cous cous I have been getting is finer texture and can turn to glue if you do not use cold water and stir. )

6 cups quinoa rinsed three times, cooked, and cooled.

3 cups Perle Morbide cover with cold water and let set at least an hour till the water is absorbed.

Recipe: I make a lot and use it also in my egg food and freeze extra.

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