Saturday, June 27, 2015

Perle Morbide Now In Stock In US

Laraine,, now has Perle Morbide in stock. It comes in 8 pound bags for $38.94 and 20 pound bags for $89.94. See on her Web site: Just For Canaries.


Anonymous said...

Hello Linda,
What is your experience with Perle? Some do complain about loose stools, green stools, etc.. And, as to nutrtion value, to me it seems there is no added advantage as to whatever regular pellet brand. Some vitamins and minerals, all right, but to me not to be compared with sprouted seeds, loaded with vitamins and anti oxidants.

Linda Hogan said...

My experience with it is somewhat limited since I was only able to get two small packages until now. I liked the texture of the moisten Perle Morbide and it added to a more fluffy texture of my egg food. Keeping the egg food light and fluffy is critical to them eating it without being so moist that it spoils.

The color Perle Morbide is green and with my birds loving the thawed frozen peas in the egg food they showed a preference for picking it out first along with the peas.

I have ordered 40 lbs and will give it a real evaluation. I will also make a new post on what is new and what really worked for me this year hopefully very soon.

Unknown said...

I got a small bag from Laraine's first offering. My stafford & red factors loved it. The feeding parents would pick it out of the nestling food.

I just got more from Laraine. I plan to feed it through the molt. I sometimes soak it in a mixture of Sr. Marshall's Ioford, DufoPlus & Megamix. The weaning babies devour it.