Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Proud Big Bird Shares Latest Favorite Chick Pics

The white Columbus Fancy hen hatched two more chicks. Both have a black cap like papa and the one on your right is going to have a crest like him too!

This Border Fancy chick has had lots of bad luck. First, its mother is the bird I named ugliest Border of 2014, She had a terrible head, good back and underline. I bred her to a cock with outstanding head. She looked sleepy on the nest so I moved her fertile egg to another Border hen who fed it  fine till it was a couple weeks old. Then nothing more, so Big Bird stepped up and started feeding it ever two hours from 7 am to 9 pm. At first I had to pry its mouth open with my left thumb so I could get the CeDe Handrearing Food reconstituted with warm water, in its mouth. Now he is an enthusiastic eater and I am planning on taking him with us when we attend our yearly family reunion this weekend! Wonder what he will think of his extended family?

The four German roller chicks needed more room so an identical nest was placed next to the original and the chicks freely travel back and forth between the two nest and Mom and Papa feed both nests! They are very special to me as they are from the late Richard May's stock!

Great looking round crest on this Stafford chick who is ready to leave the nest soon!


Brian Rowe said...

I'll bet the Columbus fancy on the right will be a big winner.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Question about singing roller canaries.
Cock sings in silent mode. I can see him sing, but no sound is coming out. Any idea what the cause of this is,and can anything be done about it. Thank you. Peter

Linda Hogan said...

The most common reason is air sac mites. Treat with vermectin or Dr. Rob Marshall's S76.

I assume this is not a bird just starting to sing after the molt or a baby.