Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year to You and Your Birds!

Temperatures have dropped very low and snow is covering everything. The birds are happy they got a space heater for Christmas which keeps the aviary at least 55 F (12.7 C). (Their AC/heat pump window unit is temporarily out of order and waiting for the repairman to get it fixed.)

Cold weather also brings extra carbs including soft white bread, pre-breeding nestling food which I have added some uncooked porridge oatmeal when it is very cold and some free choice dishes of dry ABBA green. I like to keep the aviary cool till breeding season to prevent the hens from laying prematurely due to dietary stimulation.

My favorite 2014 Stafford hen is looking forward to a very happy and productive new year!

When I show my birds to non-bird people they always come back to this bird and tell me she is really special.

I like the way she has a light colored highlight on the edge of her crest over her eye and its on both sides evenly!

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Brian Rowe said...

That is a beautiful crested Stafford, Linda. The weather even down here in Texas is hovering around freezing with rain. This is no time to ship birds. Linda, I wish you, your family, and your birds a prosperous new year.