Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More World Show Videos

I googled:

Mondial COM 2015

And found a video lists of the World Show! (click on top of first video to see list)

Check out the TYPE canaries, watched parts 1 through 5!

Posture canaries firstprice winners Mondial COM 2015


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Evon in WI said...

Thought I should pass on the sad news of the passing of Warren Launderville. The Canary Fancy has lost a good friend and Mentor. It was truly an honor to witness the love for his family & his commitment to the canary hobby that Warren showed. His dedication to the birds was evident by their beauty, and consistent winning or placing at the local and Nationals shows. It is always sad when a bright light passes on, may He and Eileen be united again for eternity. See full obituary @