Friday, August 29, 2014

Three Poducts That Help Finish Off The Molt

 It's nearly September and only a month from show season! So what can we do to tighten the birds up and bring them into prime condition?

Boost 250 made by doghealth in the UK is the best vitamin product for this time of year when we are preparing our birds for show.  I use it daily and immediately you will notice a tightening of feathers! It is a superb formula of the basic vitamins without extra amino acids. If you are unable to obtain this product you could try vionate dog vitamins.

 Daily, the birds also get liquid B in their water with the Boost 250.  It too tightens the feathers. It is also very good to give birds during the show season as with a high carb diet it will stop soft molt.

If you want those borders to have better confirmation, you need to increase the nutrients in the diet without increased proteins. For Borders mix six cups dry nestling food (use a low protein one with 15% protein) and add 1/2 cup dry CeDe Handrearing food (18%). Feed dry. This really brings out the confirmation, first the backs then the breast and finally the rounded heads and along with the confirmation it brings out a show winning attitude!

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