Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bird Alert: Watch Out For Wide Tails

Feather length is genetic and a result of our feather pairing but a bird carrying its tail wide is a warning sign that the birds health is not up to par and we need to tweak its diet and nutrition. A wide tail is not just a little wide but really fanned out. Ignoring wide tails eventually leads to breeding failure and ultimately neurological problems and death.

First, I like to check its weight and make sure it is not too thin.  Either get some weight on it or trouble stands ahead.

Second, if it can stand some weight add sunflower chips (pieces) to its seed mix. They are great for weight gain and a good natural source of B vitamins. I also add extra B vitamins to their water. I use the World Organic Liquid B brand.

Third, drop the protein level of the food as too much protein contributes to weight loss and seems to upset Borders system and continued feeding of high protein diets leads to neurological problems. Offer dry nestling food and oats.

During pre-show season, use Boost 250 (dog vitamins from UK) in the water in addition to extra B vitamins. This is the best vitamin product during the pre-show season to tighten feathers, pip tails and bring excellent head and body confirmation.

If wide tails are seen during breeding season, I use either BioDecken or Orlux vitamins and conditioning products with extra B vitamins.


Anonymous said...

How much of the B vitamin to a quart of water?

Linda Hogan said...

I use about 2 tablespoons World Organic Brand Liquid B vitamins per gallon of water,

Anonymous said...

For how many days a week you give boost pls?

Linda Hogan said...

I give the Boost 250 plus extra B vitamins in the water every day.

You should see improvement in the tightness of feather and improved confirmation even the next day.