Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013 NIROC Type Winners

Best Type - Border - Exhibited by Jorge Rojas

So Many Excellent Borders, it felt like I was already in Heaven!

2nd Best Type - Fife - Exhibited by Jorge Rojas

3rd Best Type - Gloster Corona - Exhibited by Ioan Coca

4th Best Type - Columbus Fancy Crested - Exhibited by Robert Wild

5th Best Type - Gloster Consort - Exhibited by Alan Allawerdi

6th Best Type - Scot Fancy - Exhibited by Robert Wild

7th Best Type - Hartz Topknot - Exhibited by Robert Wild

8th Best Type - Columbus Fancy Smooth Head - Exhibited by Robert Wild

9th Best Type - Hartz Plainhead - Exhibited by Robert Wild

10th Best Type - Stafford - Exhibited by Omar Varquez

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Evon in WI said...

Beautiful birds! Thank you for judging the NIROC show,& the advise on the Staffords. Wonderful to see you again. We look forward to the show weekends but time is to fleeting. Not enough time to visit.