Monday, October 14, 2013

Straighten Up And Fly Right - Wing Carriage

 This young Border male has caught my attention for his lovely face, head and back.

But a closer look reveals very poor wing carriage! My first thought was he must be a couch potato and I must be his enabler!

Sure enough somehow I had been watching the bird and not where my perches are placed. There were lots of them and pretty much at the same level for easy reach to both food and water. The bird needs to fly up and down and exercise those wings! I do not have any flights so I put one perch up high and one low so he is forced to fly even to get water and food. Likewise all my Border cages were inspected and when necessary the perches were moved to encourage flight!

In addition, periodically I am letting him "fly" with supervision around the aviary. So far he either stays on the floor or at best makes it to the lowest cage... I was really shocked that he does not seem to know the joy of flight.

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