Tuesday, October 15, 2013

German Rollers Bursting Into Song

 My German Rollers are really singing a lot now and I am beginning to hear identifiable tours. The male with the red band on the left is the papa bird and my prospective tutor.

 I like to provide them with lots of perches where they can sing without having a neighbor disturb their song.

This is a short perch for one bird that the above bird is sitting on that I get from The Finch Connections, www.thefinchconnections.com. 

Outside the aviary window, I have a new bronze fountain designed by local artist Connie Ernett.  Hope this does not bring too much water to their song. LOL
When to cage and show train rollers, varies greatly with the breeder. Seems like with all my judging I wait till two or three weeks before the show.
 I have placed an order for Biodecken Jingle from Ricardo Sanchez. He expects it soon.

It contains vitamins E, A, D3 and selenium and enhances frequency without effecting quality.

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