Saturday, September 29, 2012

Big Bird's Latest Experiment - Poultry Conditioner

Recently, I was bird shopping and learned that local pigeon breeder who wins at National Shows uses a Poultry Conditioner by MannaPro. That intrigued me and immediately I started wondering what would it do for my canaries.

This product is designed to condition birds for performance and exhibition and at $7.95 seems like a real bargain compare the price of special bird vitamins. The ingredient list is impressive and contains protein, omega 3 fatty acids, multiple vitamins, minerals, amino acids and pro-biotic digestive aid.

I tried moistening the pellets but the birds wasted most of it so in the food processor it went.

The birds readily ate the crumbles and some birds showed remarkable improvement overnight. Right now I am feeding it free choice one day a week.


Anonymous said...

Don't remember what year it was, maybe 2009, I was testing this MannaPro product. I found that the extra flax gave my show birds a nice feather finish. Even my softbills ate it. I ground it up and fed in my bird salad recipes. My birds did well on the show bench that year and when breeding season came round, bumper crop. My chicken hens and peafowl benefitted from the leftovers.
Need to go to the feedstore--Now! :-)

Anonymous said...


What do you mean by remarkable results in one day...I notice you say that with alot of the products you recommend..

Linda Hogan said...

I monitor my birds appearance very closely. Especially noting any that look less that perfect. The next day I evaluate them again and excellent products make a difference the following day. I have even had some that I could see improvement that very day.