Friday, June 1, 2012

Big Bird And Chicks Survive Mite Infestation

It has been five days now and it is time to report on the successful treatment of my first mite infestation that occurred last Sunday.

These chicks hatched on mite day! The two clears are German Rollers and two variegated are Staffords. I put the rollers in with the Stafford pair because they had been wonderful feeders in their first round and I wanted the chicks to have every advantage. As you can see they look great!  Neither the parents or chicks were treated with anything extra. Just the pest strips and Sevin dusted under every nest pad.

Likewise these German Roller parents and chicks received no additional treatment. They were also fine.

My greatest fear were for these Border chicks who were banding age at the time. They are looking great and will be leaving the nest soon.

So how did the pest strips do?  I watched intently during the episode and I believe it took about four hours to kill the mites!! I also monitored some flies and they were dead about then too. No adults and no chicks, regardless of their age, died after putting the pest strips in the aviary!My only regret is not treating when I first saw the pale newborn chicks which although I considered mites didn't really believe that was what it was because in all the years I had never had mites and even on careful examination of birds and nest, I could not find them. I kept thinking something was dramatically wrong with the feeding and even blamed the Exact. As I noticed chicks not thriving I would supplement with hand feeding and they would get worse. Overall after seeing the first two pale chicks, I failed to identify the problem till two weaning age and seven newborns died..If you look at the big picture, my loss was small considering that I have about 100 chicks.

Next step: I am going to treat the birds directly, comparing ivermectin with other products and change and treat trays. I already had diatomaceous earth under the trays and I will sprinkle some in with the corn cob tray cover.

I happened to have the Vetafarm product in my arsenal supply but have never used it. I am impressed that it lists mites and numerous insects that may be found in an aviary and has a six weeks protective window. It can be sprayed around and in even sprayed on the bird.

Iverlux is an ivermectin product that is very effective against parasites and I have ivermectin on hand. I will order some S76 and Scatt as their mechanism of action would be treat the mite without effecting the bird.

Big bird treated her bites with numerous showers, benadryl and corticosteriod cream.


Evon in WI said...

Thank you for the update. Happy you didn't loose more chicks. Consider checking your doggies as well IF they go in the Aviary.
We have used the pest strips year round here in WI.
Sevin dust is a favorite product. we use it in the doggie beds and outside kennel. Works great for keeping the fleas and ticks in check.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

You have beautiful birds, I'm looking for 2 border canaries hens, do you know someone that have available for sale ?...

Please let me know. Thanks


Anonymous said...

That is GREAT! Congratulations, Linda, on a job well done.

Anonymous said...

Did you use the sevin powder? If so than more than likely thats what killed those mites...over the pest strips.