Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fresh Greens From The Market - Kohlrabi

Now that fresh greens are plentiful, my birds are enjoying a wide variety of delicious greens leafy veggies!

Fresh carrot tops are eating when crisp but not when limp. I like to put them in a glass of ice water with ice and place in the refrigerator to restore there crispness.

I  keep beet tops crisp for days in the refrigerator in water and feed as needed.

Weaning chicks and feeding hens love these easy to eat "seedy" broccoli heads.

Saturday, the Health To You farmer ask "Do your birds like, Kohlrabi? The leaves taste like Collard greens." Time to try it and find out.. So she took the leaves off all of the Kohlrabi and as soon as I arrive home, it was Kohlrabi all around. You guessed it they love it!!

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