Thursday, June 7, 2012

Attention Border Breeders Southern Hemisphere

Would you like to volunteer to test conditioning some of your Borders primarily with ABBA vitamin E given in the water once a week for four weeks followed by polishing them off with Omni-vet daily till the hen lays first egg followed with Avi-tech in the water till last egg is laid and reporting your observations back to this blog?

During the conditioning, day length would need to be 14.5 hours.

Respond to if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to wonder if we might have a new problem of genetically modified foods. Livestock fed GM foods are said to have very high rate of infertility, infant mortality and lower immune responses. Canola Rape is a commonly planted GM crop along with Soy and Corn. They are also finding that GM crops are cross contaminating adjacent non-GM fields.
GM may not be an issue with our birds, but its something to think about.

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Linda Hogan said...

Big bird is sorry for lack of posts. My sister has been quite ill for the past couple of months and non-responsive off and on so I have been really bogged down. Presently, she is better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda I will gladly do any research for you.I started today with ABBA-E.I am currently feeding Border Veggies to the cocks and the mix without the soya to the hens. The hens are in a flight cage.I have cleaned the birds with Doxycycline finishing 3 weeks ago.I fed probiotics and then gave baycox for 3 days.I try to follow Dr Rob Marshall's routine in cleaning the birds before the breeding season.
Donald South Africa

Anonymous said...

10Hallo Linda
What a bad breeding season.The hens are dropping flight feathers -but not the cocks.This is also happening to the few hens that are feeding.The few hens that have weened there chicks are just sitting on the perch and not interested in the cock.I have 16 hens in the flight cage because I cannot get them into breeding condition-they also are dropping feathers.My Fife canaries have the same problem-todate no Fife chicks.