Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winners Florida Canary fanciers Bird Show

George Traveria won Grand Champion German Roller Team and many tour specials! His team not only had beautiful basic tours hollow roll, bass, and hollow bell but also had a fantastic gluck roll!! Congratulation also to Raul Bentacourt who won Champion Young Team with a different team than he won with at the National in Kansas City, this being his second win in the Amateur class, he advances to Champion class! Great Birds Raul!!

Patrick Varian, type judge, explains the placement of the type bird division winners.

Name each of the following birds. (Only winning answers will be posted.)

Winner of the Type Division exhibited by Juan Chavez, Bird Number 1

Second Place in the Type Division exhibited by Will Burdett, Number 2

Exhibited by Brian Byrne and Paul Cruse Number 3

Exhibited by Carl Biers and John Cromwell Number 4

Number 5

Number 6

Exhibited by George Traveria Number 7

Exhibited by Adrianna Gonzales Number 8

Number 9

Number 10

Best Lipochrome Exhibited by Carl Biers and John Cromwell, Lipochrome Judge Luis Talavera Number 11

Number 12

Number 13

Number 14

Number 15

Melanin Colorbred Judge, Robert Trincado Number 16

Number 17

Number 18

Number 19

Number 20

The show also had American Singers judged by Alan Gibson and Spanish Timbroes judged by Sebastian Vallelunga. Exhibitors came from not only Florida and the Carolina's but also a number came from Texas! Congratulation to the General Show Chairmen Humberto Delgado and all the officer's and section chairmen for a very successful Bird Show!

Never a dull moment when hanging around with Wilfred!!

Wonderful warm weather and numerous outdoor tables in the center of the room blocks were popular socializing spots like this one enjoyed by Les Michaczewski.

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Julio Masferrer said...

Hi Linda,
My name is Julio Masferrer and am a big fan that follows your blog. We met back in December at the Florida Canary Fancier Show. I was the gentleman who was asking about the Raza Espanolas there. I was suprised to see a picture of one of my Glosters on your sight. I just saw that you had posted a Picture (#9) of my 3/4 Varigated Consort. She had taken 6th place over all in the Type division and was Best Consort Gloster in show. I wish you and birds the very best! Your friend in the Fancy, Julio.