Monday, December 5, 2011

Lou Abbott Chicago Roller Show

Ed Nagy Won Grand Champion, Young Champion, Amateur Class, Tour Specials Hollow Roll, Bass, Hollow Bell, and Flute!! They were absolutely heavenly!!

Ed Medrano won Novice Class and advances to Amateur Class! Very Nice!!

After the competition, I conducted a Song School for participants and visitors.

Teams were set up to demonstrate the various tours and a lively discussion ensued.

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Rich said...

Hey Linda, great job. I heard the song clinic was really helpful and much appreciated. Really happy for both Ed's. I heard Ed Nagy's birds in the holding room in Kansas City and thought they were really good birds, glad they sang for you in Chicago. I wish we could do more song clinics at the shows, with the big shows it is hard timewise. Keep up the great work and enjoy Florida this weekend. Rich