Saturday, December 17, 2011

Look What's Cooking Around The Christmas Tree

My Borders are the taste testers in the aviary. If they like it, its served all around!

Quinoa (keen-wah) cooked in twice the amount of water and dash of olive oil and cooled. Add processed broccoli and bee pollen.

I slipped in the new food as they were busily eating seed.

Checking it out

What's this?

Looks harmless...

Certainly a taste won't hurt. Did she say "Eat It Or Wear It"?

What a surprise, its really good!!


After a few days, I am amazed with how smooth and glossy my birds feet have become!! Also, this year, my birds are wasting lots of seed but they eat every bite of the quinoa, broccoli and bee pollen!

I have learned that preparing the quinoa a day ahead and refrigerating it results in it swelling and being even lighter contributing to encouraging birds to clean up the last bit, if a food packs down in the dish, birds rarely eat it.


Anonymous said...

Love the border pictures, they sure look great. I've been giving mine extras too, fresh bread, mustard greens from the flower bed, a spoonfull of minerals and a scoop of pellets all spun together in the foodk processor. They love it !


Anonymous said...

Howzit Gorgeous!
Those are some VERY handsome Borders! Big up's to ya!

HiRollers said...

Hi Linda,

Merry Christmas and Happy
Happy New Year. Wishing You
and Your family ALL THE BEST
in 2011!!! Please keep the
site going---really look
forward to all the info and
pictures you post.



Anonymous said...

I have used Quinoa for a few years now. Newly fledged chicks love it. I also feed sprouted Quinoa seeds. Quinoa seeds have a bitter coating that the producers claim they wash off. Its a good idea to rinse the seeds again before cooking or sprouting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda I am very impressed wth the feather quality of the Borders.Also the position of the backs seem to be in the correct place-well done .
I Hope that this year I do not have any mishaps in my birdroom so that the birds can moult out properly.
Best Regards
A wonderfull CHRISTMAS to one and all