Monday, December 5, 2011

Identify These Beauties Seen At The KC National Cage Bird Show

Number 1 Best Bird In Show

Bird Number 2

Bird Number 3

Bird Number 4

Bird Number 5

Bird Number 6

Bird Number 7

Bird Number 8

Bird Number 10

Bird Number 11

Bird Number 12

Bird Number 13

Bird Number 14

Bird Number 15

Bird Number 16

Bird Number 17

First right answer will be posted. (No wrong answers will be posted.)


Jeckab said...

There are many types of bird cages one of the these is aluminum bird cage. Its mostly used in the houses and out side the houses because it is easy to pick and drop.

Evon In WI said...

Sorry Linda, Please delete the previous answers which would be wrong because there is no #9 bird.

#1 Gloster Corona Self Green
#2 Parisian Frill
#3 Clear Yellow fife
#4 VarigateYellow/GreenBorder
#5 Self Green Border
#6 Clear Yellow Border
#7 Plain Head Columbus
#8Crested Columbus

#10 Norwich
#11 Yorkshire
#12 Hartz Plain Head
#13 Hartz Top Knot
#14Stafford Crested
#15 Red Mosiac Male
#16Black/ Red mosiac Hen
#17 Black/Red Cobalt