Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last Chick Of The Season Update

Finally, the late July German Roller chick has left the nest! It is quite a pet as we, Pat and I, have been hand feeding every couple of hours through the day since it was born. I was out of town giving some technical lectures for three days and Pat had full duty. He also feeds when I work. He thinks this chick is the easiest to feed ever!

Here I am trying to encourage it to nibble in hopes it will soon get the idea of feeding itself!

When I approach the cage, even on the first day out of the nest, he is busy in his swing.

But as soon as I approach he begins begging!

Full, it happily flies back to its swing.

Kansas Thunderstorm seen off my deck that blessed us with a couple of inches of rain and some relief from the unseasonably hot days!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Long time no speak! Missing your posts!