Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Triangular or "Pinched" Eye - Ornithosis

Chlamdia is the causative agent of ornithosis, which is also known as psittacosis in parrots. Canaries are much less susceptible to the disease then parrots who often die. Instead some canaries become "healthy" carriers and appear "clinically normal". Introduction of new birds is the most common source, reminding us that quarantine of new birds is critical.

Outbreaks are intermittent and generally present as recurrent respiratory disease especially if they are exposed to psittacine birds. Often it goes unnoticed in carriers until an aviary has widespread breeding failure.

Full treatment with Doxycycline /Megamix requires 30 days and often results in thrush which will need to be treated. Treatment does not protect from re-infection. The best control is good nutrition and good management practices. Short three day treatments can be used during breeding season when infertility is high.

Side Note: After reading and studying a bit on this disease, I am pretty sure that my new imports do not have chlamydia infection. I have had them on Doxycycline/Megamix for nearly two weeks (500 ml water, 1/8 tsp 20% Doxycycline, 2 ml Megamix, 1/4 tsp tylan, 1/2 teaspoon sugar, Doxycycline and megamix purchased from ladygouldianfinch.com) .

When the treatment with this antibiotic is for ornithosis, the birds get quiet and fluff up (indicating the maximum antibiotic has been given and the birds are puffing up due to thrush infection which then needs to be treated).

The last couple of days, the imports have been very quiet and since I do not think it is ornithosis, I am not going to treat till they get thrush. I am ready to go to four days on KD treated water and just watch and hopefully the import nightmare will be over.

I will still quarantine them an additional couple of weeks without extra treatment just to be sure I am not risking my aviary birds. Once in the aviary, I will keep them in one section somewhat away from the others.

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