Friday, November 26, 2010

Dian's Spectacular Color Bred Canaries

After settling in at the hotel in Plano, Texas, Doyle Johnson and I headed over to Dian and John Clarks home in Carrollton to see their canaries.

Dian warmly welcomed us to their home and provided us with refreshing cold sodas for our tour of their breeding room.

John and Dian are canary boosters dedicated to providing high quality stock for breeding and exhibition. Their web site is

We immediately began discussing canaries and walking around examining them.

Promptly we were invited into their breeding room to view their breeding stock and invited to critique their birds!

Most cages had only one gorgeous bird but for each variety their were numerous equally good specimens! There were dozens of identical beautiful red intensives!!

And also dozens of equally beautiful Non-intensives!!

And then the numerous fantastic Rose Ivories!!

Followed by a good selection of yellow intensives!!

And Red/Black (Bronze)!!

And some very Beautiful Staffords!!

But surrounded by all those beautiful birds, this Stafford immediately took my eye and once I had a full view, my heart!

Wow!! What a bird!!!!

Too quickly, after a most enjoyable afternoon, it was time to head back to the show.

The next morning, when I approached the Stafford show bench to begin judging, I was really surprised. There set Dian Clark, she said " John and I want you to have the Stafford you loved so much!" Tears filled my eyes as I accepted the Special bird!!

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Dorothy Durkee said...

We just bought a lovely little Gloster from Dian and John - we're very pleased!