Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Weeks Breeder Reports, Questions and Comments

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Have you been wondering "Whats Happened to Big Bird"?

This has been a very hard summer for me. My fourteen year old Belgian Malinois Tosca, has a life-taking cancer in the pectoral muscle on his chest. His first surgery was on his birthday June 14th.

After two months, the cancer reappeared and since his chest x-rays were clear, he had a second surgery on August 19th. This time they took the maximum chest tissue and recovery has been much slower.

Two weeks after the surgery, in spite of a lot of fluid, the vet took out the stitches. This resulting in bleeding from the stitches and two trips to the vet that day to get fluid drained and more bandages...These times are never easy....


Unknown said...

Before I forget can you mention my up coming show,
Chapter 7 Midwestern ASC.
October 2nd
Comfort Suites
17 West 445 Roosevelt Rd.Oak Brook,IL. 60181
Benching;Friday 4-7pm
Entry fee;$3.00/bird
Contact person:Ed Medrano

Anonymous said...

Hi Gorgeous,

Missing your posts, what's happening?

It seems I am still battling with comment on our site aswell, but I know that the readership keeps on growing. Oh well...

Missing you,

fergie said...

Hi Linda, I am proud to announce the we have a new chapter of the ASC.
Chapter 3.
New England American Singer Canary Club.
1st Show 2011. Southern CT.
For more info: Contact
Paul Ferguson- Secretary/Treasurer
Thanks so much.

Linda Hogan said...

Show season is nearly here! Can hardly wait!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures posted today, and especially Tosca and the butterflies. I received a camera for my birthday, and it's not easy to capture good close-ups like yours. You do a great job and I appreciate you sharing your daily trials with birds, plants and family. Bird Shows too soon ! Need to prepare.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda

What tips can you offer to get the birds to finish off their moult quicker ?

Linda Hogan said...

Thanks so much for the article idea. With my mine so entrenched with my dying dog, the originality function is shut down...Thanks again..